Over Bonnet Storage Cabinets that fit in your car parking space


Storage Space options in apartment buildings and Unit complexes are limited. Now The Storage Box offers a garage storage cabinet that allows you to make the most of your basement , garage or Apartment complex car space.

The Storage Box over bonnet storage cabinets are the perfect answer for the storage problem in apartment/Unit buildings. By using the wasted space that sits above the bonnet of your car you can create storage space in your basement car space or garage, without losing any parking space.


Our storage system has been designed to overcome an increasing problem facing apartment/unit builders and developers, space for additional storage. The storage box unit is placed at the head of a car space offering around 2.5 cubic meters of storage while still allowing the full use of the car space.

Over the bonnet storage cabinets can be used to store household items such as bicycles, BBQ, suitcases, golf clubs, sports gear, surfboards, tools, furniture, electrical appliances – what you want to store is up to you!

The storage cabinet is manufactured to be completely sturdy, secure and safe with the opening gas strut door designed to give easy access.

As vehicle heights vary our storage box is 2350mm wide with adjustable heights from 940mm to 1310mm for bonnet clearance.

Over bonnet storage units are built tough and as a result each unit weighs around 165kg.  Our  Installers are available to take the hassle out getting your storage box assembled and ready.

Body Corporates can be confident the storage cabinet offers the complete  garage storage solution that can fit into most car spaces whilst maintaining a consistent appearance in the Allocated car space area or garage. The unit has an adjustable overall height from 1920mm to a maximum 2310mm high.

COVID-19 Management Procedure for Customers

The Storage Box is committed to protecting its installer and customers from the transmission of this virus.

Our business has in place robust systems to manage this health issue. This information sheet is to explain the ‘on-site’ processes we have in place for our installer to provide service to you, whilst minimising the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Firstly and most importantly, we will be asking if anyone is unwell or in self isolation at the home or apartment. If the answer is yes we will work with our client as we will be unable to undertake an installation until the premises is deemed safe.

Our installer will not shake hands. Where possible we ask you keep at least 1.5m distance.

As we do need to touch surfaces during an installation will be insuring the sanitisation of the product.

If you have any questions/concerns about our safety management steps, please contact us.